1. Stephen says

    What is the endgame? This was all done on purpose. Nuclear annihilation? Does the Left want to decimate the planet and start from scratch? Are humans bad for the planet? Or just break America, reduce it to a large Cuba or some imagined utopia? Is it some kind of retribution for the “evils” of Christianity and Western Civilization? There is something so very evil, so pernicious about this. Does history have a precedent? I’ve just found this site and you are thinking like me. Help me out please!

    • Bob Prokop says

      That’s a perplexing question, Stephen. If the left is sincere about climate change a nuclear war isn’t going to solve their problem, but it seems that’s the direction the administration has chosen even if Biden doesn’t realize it.

      As you point out, it seems the endgame really is to break our country socially, morally, and economically. As long as Democrats stay entrenched in power – and I don’t believe the midterms are secure or a slam dunk by any means – the damage won’t impact them. They will get richer and more powerful while the American people’s lives are decimated. After a time the people will thank the government for anything it permits, anything it offers, anything it lets us keep for ourselves. If history has a precedent, it’s every country that decided a socialist economy and authoritarian government was a good idea.

      Appreciate your remarks. As this plays out let me know what you’re thinking!

  2. Jamie N says

    Very well written! With my son fighting for OUR country right now, I have ZERO respect for Biden or Harris. How he was POSSIBLY elected is impossible! (and I used to be a Democrat…or so I thought..Until I educated myself and stopped listening to the mainstream media)

    • Bob Prokop says

      Jamie, if the best Biden and Harris get from Americans is no respect we’re being kind. I’ll also admit to voting for Democrats years ago. Then I grew up and realized how much putting the wrong – and in this case outright bad – people in office costs us. Thanks for your thoughts and best wishes to you and your son.

    • Linda banks says

      I thank your son for his service! I will not apologize for being white! The media will not report when a black person is causing violence! Let’s talk about the facts…I too was upset when I saw what happened to Georege Floyd but he was no saint…take a look at his rap sheet…he robbed a pregnant @ gun point & held her captive but the media doesn’t talk about that…they have made him a martyr he was not…this guy was in & out of jail!@

  3. Sherri says

    Even during Obama’s reign of idiocy I never found myself this scared for the future of America. I often breakdown in tears over the massive destruction perpetrated by Biden and the left. The left MUST BE STOPPED! Our very lives depend on it!

    • Bob Prokop says

      You are absolutely right, Sherri. Biden’s domestic policy disasters were bad enough, but now we have to worry about nuclear war for the first time in how many decades? We went from strong leadership to no leadership. Biden’s threats are hollow and meaningless and our adversaries know it. God only knows what he’ll come up with in Europe this week. With any luck no one at the meeting will be able to understand what he says because whatever it is, it won’t further America’s interests.

  4. John says

    Fire joe biden and Harris now. Get rid of pelosi and Schumer and nadler also.While we at it oust AOC and the rest of the radicals that wormed their way into the system by crooked means.America needs people who care about America not their own pockets.

    • Bob Prokop says

      John, it’s amazing that such a great nation tapped these hacks for our highest offices (let’s add Kamala “passage of time” Harris to the list). Now that we’re faced with three rogue states and the prospect of nuclear apocalypse because of dangerously weak, incompetent American leadership from the top down perhaps people will wake up and pay more attention to the left’s lies.

  5. RDPrice says

    Can America survive the next 34 months with him asleep at the helm? It’s going to get a lot worse before it ever will get better. He need to be removed with the 25th amendment and his VP needs to be impeached. The SOH should as well be removed with the 25th amendment. I think at this point, no leadership is better and almost exactly the same as it is now.

    • Bob Prokop says

      34 months is a long time. When you consider the damage Biden and his team accomplished in a single year it’s hard to imagine we’ll survive another three. I’m even more concerned about midterms. Democrats are not going to relinquish power simply because America’s voters are fed up. Now they have Canada to show them how to crack down and silence dissenters. That doesn’t bode well for November or the future of what used to be America.

      Thanks for reading – appreciate your remarks.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Agreed. Whoever is calling the shots, it doesn’t seem to be Joe. He just does what he’s told and tries to read what shows up on the teleprompter.

    • Donna says

      yes please, he is killing america…he only cares about his illegal aliens for democratic votes……he is insane!!!!!
      no i have not already said this, more conservative, being blocked for freedom of speech

      • Bob Prokop says

        You are so right, Donna. Now that he’s canceling Title 42 we can look forward to even larger surges. November is too far away!

      • K says

        Nobody blocked you from your last statement, no matter how bad this clown outfit of a admin is they are to stupid to destroy after they loss their seats in Congress binden is a lame duck without a pond

  6. M. CUMMINGS says

    Apparently Biden died last year, they are impersonating him with clones and actors, some similar and others wearing masks.

    Of course all supported by the Plan-Panic of the false viruses; Obama-Soros-Clinton-Roschilds-etc.

    President Trump never accepted defeat, caused by Electoral Mega Fraud.

    America must Repent of So many Sins of Abortions and Immigrant children sacrificed to Molech.

    Let us seek in Repentance to Jesus Christ and may God have Mercy on America and the world in the New World Order of the Antichrist; we are in the end times. Revelation 13

  7. JohnIL says

    Joe Biden was the safe bet for Democrats against Trump. Say nothing, hide in the basement and let Trump defeat himself. I give Democrats credit for this strategy but long term nobody wants their progressive ideology. In the end they cannot win on far left votes alone. They needed to convince moderate Democrats that Biden was safe.
    The part that is scary is Biden seems more then willing to ruin America for a chance to give Democrats more government control over people. Honestly, I didn’t think Biden was that sort of Democrat. But apparently he is beholden to the far left who got him elected. Best we can do now is start removing these progressives from power in 2022 and 2024. Hopefully it won’t be too late to stop the madness and bring America back from the brink of socialism.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Hello John,

      Thanks for your comments. I remember saying in early 2020 that Biden wasn’t a radical. I didn’t think he was that sort of Democrat either, but from day one it was obvious America elected a dupe for the far left. Progressives are doubling down on their agenda after Tuesday. I’m confident that their refusal to put what Americans want in front of what they want will alienate enough voters for a Democrat shellacking in 2022. You are absolutely correct, they don’t have enough votes to sustain their insanity especially when the people being hurt most by Biden’s agenda are the people Democrats claim to support.


    • Bob Prokop says

      Yes, we do. I can’t imagine how different life in America would be if we didn’t have a president determined to destroy everything good about America.

      • Alfred uhse jr says

        Biden, controlled by the Democratic communist agenda,so sad he would take us down this road,we Americans must never give up our right for freedom.

        • Bob Prokop says

          Agreed, Alfred. Time for the GOP to step up and put an end to this. The Republican Party’s support for Trump was lukewarm in the last election and this was the result. If Biden and his party still permit Americans to hold midterm elections next year we have a chance to stop his destruction of our country and reverse some of the damage Democrats have done. How about we start with a plan to deport the illegals the president has let in?

    • Anonymous says

      I miss Trump also and we all know he should be our President right now. Biden has done already to much damage to America that I just don’t see us coming back from. Hold on to your hats because this rollercoaster is about to derail.

      • Bob Prokop says

        You’ve got that right. I can already hear him telling the nation that soaring gas prices are proof that we can’t rely on fossil fuels. That’s as good as it will get. I don’t even want to think about what could happen with someone this weak and incompetent in charge during a war in Europe.

  8. Jill says

    Joe biden is the very best that the Democrats could come up with to run for president,that alone tells us all we need to know.

    • Bob Prokop says

      That’s a sad fact, Jill. America’s left-wing elite conspired to make it happen. I was thinking yesterday that even a Hillary Clinton presidency looks pretty good right now compared to the rapidly unfolding disaster that is Joe Biden. We’re only nine months into it and he’s done more damage than the worst Democrats could do in two terms.

  9. johnny says

    This situation is just like Bible times and yes its all true they let criminals out of jail and Biden is an awful person and he would be better off in a mentle hospital. Biden is so confused he fell up the stairs instead of down them that being said its said whats happening in our country and the people ruining it and that maybe in a few years my family wont know what its like to live in a free country or no one will. The wickedness happening in this world is terrible like abortion like they say a woman should have a choice to murder her baby but no should have a choice to get the vaccine and me I would die if i got the vaccine because of a medical problem but they would still make me get it because are free country isnt so free anymore ……

    • Bob Prokop says

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Johnny. What can we say of a president who protects illegal immigrants but refuses to protect Americans in Afghanistan, one who tries to mandate vaccines for Americans but allows hordes of unvetted illegals into the country with no requirements whatsoever? The paternal figure Democrats tried to present during the election is gone. This is the worst kind of authoritarianism.

      • Catherine Olen says

        He is the most despised awful president in the history of modern times. I guarantee the history books will not be kind to a selfish, unless narcissist criminal that has taken a wrecking ball the our great United States of America. Everyone I talk to agrees with me. Those who don’t, and there are some can go down with the rest of these liberal idiots This guy is a colossal disaster! God pray for the USA. We need to fight back harder than ever!?????????

        • Bob Prokop says

          Amen, Catherine. The wreckage of the first seven months is so extreme it’s hard to imagine we’ll make it to midterms next year. Even Democrats I know are unhappy, though in that case they got what they asked for so it’s hard to be sympathetic. If we don’t reclaim what we’ve lost we can say goodbye to our great nation because the people who are running it simply don’t care.

          Thanks for reading and your insight!

        • Avril says

          “selfish, unless narcissist criminal that has taken a wrecking ball”.
          Best describes Trump, you deplorable. Learn to spell. Trumpsters are so low IQ (“unless” = “useless”).

          • brett says

            avril, you are an idiot. bottom line. your either an incredible idiot or a socialist. one is excusable the other is not. being an idiot is excusable do to the fact our education sistems are a joke. if you are a socialist you are a brainwashed fool that is incapable of free thought and you are also an incredible idiot. inexcusable. all typos are intentional jus to irritate you you insufferal boob.

  10. Donald says

    I think Joe Biden is destroying America, I think he has done nothing for this country but run our country in the ground call just to waste billions and trillions of dollars and to put our economy in bad shape by raising cost of gas prices and causing everything else to go up in price such as food oil And our coal miners he’s caused millions of people to lose jobs he’s the worst president ever. I am a Donald Trump fan and Donald Trump should still be our president not sleepy Joe Biden. He is separating our country and he is causing nothing but problems wasted money.

    • Bob Prokop says

      You nailed it, Donald. I can’t imagine how we could have created a worse situation than what is happening in Afghanistan. This never would have happened with Trump. Domestically, as you point out, the damage is mounting and only going to get worse.

  11. bob says

    Thanks Bob when I want a voice of reason I turn to Tucker Carlson.
    Tucker didnt hold back when he called out CPL…Michael Avenatti while
    CNN and MSNBC had their heads so far up his backside they were blinded
    by their hate for Trump. Watching Rachael Maddow lay out trumps impossible
    path to victory election night 2016 and then seeing her trademark smirk
    change to concern was priceless. None of them have any shame or humility.
    No matter how wrong they are their ready to lecture us all again the next day.
    Wolf Blitzer is a good man but I think its time for him to retire and spend some time
    with the grand kids. Both parties are guilty of an obsession with power.
    I always think dont some of these people have anything better to do at that
    age. The worst I would say is good old Nancy. Trump said it best…thats one
    sick puppy. My favorite is Senator John Kennedy. His paused responses when
    questioned on fox are great. You see him trying to find words to explain
    the complete stupidity and he comes up with great ones.
    Tom Cotton is great and you always want Jim Jordan leading
    the attack. I agree the democrats would be back trying to screw up
    our half. Not unlike a teenager that doesnt listen to reason and is going
    to leave home because he doesnt need his parents help.
    I saw Cori on Tucker its tough getting that image out of my head.
    She belongs on Jerry Springer and when your hatred for white people
    is so strong you lose any sense of logic its pretty scary.
    She could care less about the young children killed in the crossfire of
    the wild west democratic cities. Theres good and bad in all the races
    in this country. I hope people will see this stuff and realize we should all
    be voting for people that believe in this country. The extreme groups on
    both sides are always the most pathetic the human race has to offer.
    And the endless screams of kid in cages has gone quiet on the left.
    I live in Mass and listen to a radio show called nightside on WBZ.
    The democrats call in and just repeat all the talking points the media
    puts out there. Its hard to blame them for thinking their being told the
    truth. If people really understood what the modern democratic party
    is doing they would never win an election. There real base is the uneducated
    and misinformed. They sure act proud of it and that says all you need to
    know about them. This is the first time I ever wrote anything in a public space.
    You have a good way of wording your thoughts and responses.
    People can get crazy behind keyboards.
    I worked in electronics for the last 35 years and decided to give it a rest at 58 years old. So excuse my lack of writing skills I just wanted to share my thoughts.
    I almost called the Washington Journal on CSPAN again you just here how
    misinformed people are because of the democratic machine that is destroying
    this country. Watching WW2 footage should be required in high school so
    people can understand you didnt have time to be offended when landing or Normandy beach. These violent protesters would be the first ones running for cover.
    Thanks again I should give it a rest now.

    • Bob Prokop says

      It’s easy for Democrats to ignore what they have no experience with, isn’t it? They have their own security and don’t live in the urban hellholes their policies create. The body count that I’m watching rise again this weekend in Chicago is good for a talking point and that’s about it. Urban violence is another issue that has more value to the left in not being solved.

      You are absolutely correct about media outlets lining up to disseminate the same narrative. I hear remarks on the evening news that are absolute falsehoods, but when the people hear falsehoods often enough they become the truth. The media has a tremendous responsibility. Over the years it has shifted from information to outright propaganda in service to the left.

      Appreciate your thoughts, Bob. Thanks for taking the time to put them in print.


  12. Tani says

    This might get banned 🙁

    [EDITED] Yeah, Biden IS destroying the country, but we don’t need Trump. HE WAS WEAK. He did NOT stop the destruction of neighborhoods summer of 2020, he believed his KOOK lawyers who fell for what to me was an obvious OP (Q rubbish), guaranteed to pull in the morons. MORONS. Trump did some really good stuff, but he was also naive, easily duped and not cunning at all.

    No, we need someone a LOT stronger than Trump made himself out to be. After all, he was duped by Paul Ryan, which is why the wall never got built. Whose idea was that retarded 1st step crime bill which we see now ends up with criminals on the streets? We need someone STRONGER, SMARTER and RUTHLESS as hell. We need to eradicate the terrorists ripping our neighborhoods apart – ERADICATE. ERADICATE drug dealers and cartels here, and I mean eradicate. The Phillipines did it. Singapore did it. WE can do it.

    They go on spreading panic about covid rubbish meanwhile tons of illegals are coming in and they have covid – so, really, nobody is afraid of it. Immunology 101: covid is NOT gonna go away. Deal with it. Move on. Natural immunity IS better than any vaccine. Immunology 101. They want to blame republicans for not getting the TRUMP VACCINE? Are they kidding? Everyone on FOX News is vaxed. TRUMP GAVE US the vax. It was Biden and cackling fool that spewed doubt on the TRUMP vax. HA! In NYC 70% of blacks are not vaccinated! I’d like to see the gov do something about that, ha ha. The blacks are the ones that can’t go anywhere with the ban on unvaxed.

    These people need to be taken DOWN [EDITED]. and then someone REALLY strong, smart and ruthless as hell has to become president. Criminals need to be [EDITED]. Dangerous ones in jails, legit convictions only, eradicated – clear out the jails. I don’t want to PAY for their room and board and meals.

    Got ANY IDEA what kind of president we’d need to DO this? Heh. I would also encourage Eastern European countries LIKE Hungary to get out of NATO and the EU – get free of them. I’d get the US out of NATO as it is a waste of our time – and they don’t help us. They just invite trouble into their own stupid nations, like RAPEugees. E. Euro countries should rethink a unity with Russia since it’s no longer communist. Russia is nationalist.

    And I know this post will be banned.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Seems to me that we elect presidents as reactions. Obama was a reaction to Bush. Trump was a stronger reaction to Obama. Now we’ve got Joe Biden, a very extreme reaction to Trump who will likely be met with an even more extreme conservative response along the lines of your remarks thanks to the national catastrophe he is creating alongside complicit public officials.

      Here in Illinois our governor signed a no cash bail law that takes effect in January 2023 after the next gubernatorial election in November 2022. There’s a reason for that, of course. As I look at the morning tally of shootings in Chicago it’s incomprehensible to me that anyone could think this is a good idea unless they are determined to create a problem they can convince gullible voters that only Democrats can solve. The same goes for promoting illegal immigration and all the other Biden WH policies that will destroy this nation if they continue.

      Thanks for commenting, Tani. For now we still have a First Amendment, though I have to moderate a bit more than before Biden took over. There is a lot more scrutiny over free speech that threatens the left than we should be comfortable with. Appears I am permanently banned on Twitter. No explanation was provided or sought, for that matter.

  13. Bob says

    If the country was split in two between republicans and democrats
    we would still need a wall to keep the democrats from crossing
    the border after they destroy their half.
    Once they crossed they would lecture us on how to run our half.
    I wonder if anyone told Cori Bush she has some serious anger
    issues. Has anyone ever seen her talk without looking like she
    wants to kill someone. Just saying….


    • Bob Prokop says

      Thanks for your comments, Bob. I agree. They would demand taxes from the Republican half to keep themselves afloat and when they didn’t get their money they would try to take it over.

      Watched a clip of Cori Bush on Tucker Carlson last night. She was so agitated she became incoherent. Could not understand what she was saying, though her anger seemed to be the point. Scary to think she has a say in what happens in America and there are voters who thought sending her to Washington was a good idea.

  14. Jay says

    Biden is destroying America with his policies altogether. Rising gas prices that shouldn’t be rising at all, if anything which they should be going way down since we never had it this high in a very long time. He doesn’t do anything about the border, and if Trump had been president which the wall would had been completed already. They complain about the virus so very much which the people coming in the USA are really spreading the virus even much more as well without being tested. They need to impeach Biden before it gets much worse, since what is going on in our country shouldn’t be happening at all to begin with.

    • Bob Prokop says

      It’s hard to believe this is America, isn’t it? Not only does Biden refuse to protect the border from invading illegal immigrants, his administration is suing Texas for doing his job to secure the homeland. That’s what we get with a washed up, left wing career politician who will always put himself and his party before the American people.

    • Bob Prokop says

      That’s one of the great things about America. Even a second-rate tinhorn hustler can grow up to be president.

  15. Ms Hickman says

    I am saddened by the way the world is turning around us. It looks grim, not everyone is right and not everyone is wrong. We have to stand up to what the government is forcing of the American people. Biden because he is a catholic says he is a Christian, wrong. No one who claims to love God can kill babies. No one who knows better can spend the money he has and make the debt he has on this nation. If we take our for fathers beliefs from our foundation we will fall and that is where Biden and his people are taking us. I can’t say we were not having problems before he took office but at least we felt safe in our homes, to sleep at night and know that the communists weren’t creeping in over our borders and however they get here. Too much, too many coming in to get the free, free, no not free assistance from our hard earned money. Not Bidens, not the rich persons who sit in the chairs in Washington. Its from the pockets of our people who scrape to make a dollar and put up with hog wash to give their families the life they want to give. If you think today is hard, look around, at the speed that America is falling into the pits of despair, we will not survive another four years of this. Safety, fighting, angry people, morals turned upside down, killings, gays dancing in the street, abortion, public tv unable for decent people to watch. It is a shame we have come to this, this is a pitiful place , America where the most important thing is how will we protect ourselves from the Government and what it is turning us to . We need the structure of what America was born of, a Christian awakening fast. Come Father God come, you are the only one who can save us. My view as a Christian is I would hate to be the Bidens and the ones pushing this mess toward disaster, for they will HAVE to stand before OUR GOD and be punished for all they have done to ruin this country in its peoples eyes and in the eyes of all.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Hello Ms. Hickman,

      I was thinking about the anger from the left over the celebration of the Fourth when you sent your comment. It’s sad to ponder that protecting ourselves from the government is what we think about on Independence Day. No nation on earth that I know of condemns the commemoration of its independence and yet in America, a beacon of freedom, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) grabbed the media spotlight by throwing the race card and claiming that black people are not free.

      You are right, we need the structure of what created our country and not politicians who view disunity as a career move. Our founding is being torn apart with calls to reconsider the Constitution to match the Democrat Party’s agenda and a history that is falling to revisionists piece by piece. No American should tolerate the destruction of our history but in six short months this is where Biden delivered us.

      Thanks so much for reading and your thoughtful remarks.


  16. Paul Barresi says

    Joe Biden is picking up where the last anti Christ in the White House, Obama, left off. Biden is brain dead. He is not a leader but a follower. He is slow and feeble and a stark raving lunatic. God help American.

    • Bob Prokop says

      You got that right, Paul. Whoever is pushing his buttons has done more damage in six months than most of us could have imagined. The White House “Back Together” Fourth of July campaign is an incredible slap in the face to Americans who care about this country and have to listen to lie after lie from this doddering old man. 2024 seems a long way away.

      Thanks and best wishes for the Fourth. Celebrate our independence while you still can!


  17. Anonymous says

    I see this is copyrighted. Would sharing this great piece of art be in violation? I would love to share this so others can see it.

  18. Dave says

    It is so sad that so many of you have been lied to and fed this nonsense (by a reality TV star nonetheless) for so long that you actually believe that what you’re saying is right. What is even more sad is to think you’ve just been this out of touch and delusional all along , and just needed the right idiot to step into office so you could latch on to them. Newsflash: Trump knows you’re this stupid. That’s why he did the things he did. That’s the one this he’s good at.

    • Bob Prokop says


      Thanks for your comments. I’m not certain what you mean by “the things he did” any more than I see how Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are an improvement. If the left’s version of America is what you seek you are certainly entitled to drink their Kool-Aid without being derided for your beliefs. Enough Americans did to put a doddering, semi-coherent old man and his cackling, do-nothing sidekick in the White House and call it a victory. Are we better off? I don’t see how.


  19. Oly T. says

    First off, this is a great article and I am thrilled that it keeps getting updated.

    I would add that another great thing about America that is being destroyed is “The Constitution”

    This is the first time I have ever seen, know of, learned of or ever heard of a president and his party, literally in front of the whole country tearing up and denouncing the Constitution, even that should make everyone that voted for him mad as hell, because without it, there would be no president and we would have no rights and we would not be free, we could not vote, we could not do a damn thing, we would be a country ran by a dictatorship or king, we would have zero freedoms, zero healthcare of any kind, we would work for free and be burned alive, have our heads cut off or executed if we even said the simplest of things concerning wanting to have rights or said anything against those in control.

    Granted there would be no real violence because we would all be in prison or dead, you would not have to worry about guns, because you would be shot on sight if you had any, you would not have to worry about being bullied, because you would be shot on site if you opened your mouth.

    We all truly would be nothing and sadly I believe that is what the democrats want, total annulations of freedoms, do as we say or else.

    No Constitution means NO RIGHTS OF ANY KIND, maybe the left wingers should remember that, because if it does come down to that, I would guarantee that Americans will fight, they will stand tall, they will die for their freedoms.

    “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death” will come about if in the truest of forms if government pushes to hard, history proves it, it has happened more than once.

    I will always be proud to be an American, I will always fight for Country and Freedoms and those that can’t stand on their own, I will not bully, put down or disrespect any man, but I will never lay down, Bow Down or give in to any man either, especially one that thinks the constitution is not the “True and Absolute Law of the Land’ those that think it is otherwise in my book are Traitors to this fine Country that every other country seems to want to flock too and be part of, that right there proves something, would they come if we were ran by a dictatorship or a king, I think not.

    Yeah I am a Republican and yes I voted for Trump, but I am also an American, serviceman, free man, thoughtful man, kind man, just man, hard working man and a man that will fight for the constitution that keeps him all of these things.

    Any citizen that would not fight for the same, in my opinion is a coward.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Thank you so much for your kind words and inspiring remarks. This post is going to get a lot longer before Biden & Co. are voted out of office unless we lose that right, too.

      I agree, it’s astounding and appalling that Democrats have not only gotten away with completely disregarding our laws, societal mores and as you wisely point out, the Constitution, but that so many Americans don’t seem to care. The idea of America is being devalued every day and too many of us agree to go along for the ride while Democrats warn that the real threats to America are people like you and me.

      Wait until the next batch of Supreme Court decisions are handed down. If they don’t align with the demands of the leftist ideologues running our country we can kiss SCOTUS goodbye, too.

      Appreciate your thoughts.


    • Willow says

      Oly-I wept when I read your post…so true and so very sad. We are Americans-freedom is our truth and we must water the tree soon or all is lost. Perhaps it already is….The bleak sci-fi tales of yore are truly becoming our new reality. Where is our national unity? Our fierce brave citizens? Our ancestors are weeping with me…and with all of us who uphold the tenants of our Unique Blessed Consitution!

  20. Jt says

    I stand firm with you and all your readers , God has blessed America , and now the basement boy and his Muslim cow have turned everything that was good to pure hate, and if we don’t stand up for liberty and the pursuit of happiness we surely will go to hell in a hand basket for what it’s worth I think Ashli Babbitt should have a memorial in Arlington cemetery and her family should sue the capital for 27 billion dollars !!!!! And we should hold a day of memory for her !! We need to press on with a peaceful demonstration and be heard and drain that swamp once and for all and clean up our nation and rid it of all who condemn it

    • Bob Prokop says

      Thanks for reading and for your remarks. Amen to peaceful demonstrations instead of the violence the left creates with hate. We’re so much better than that and in time will reclaim what we’ve lost and what’s been taken away.


  21. Terry Blacktree says

    Best article I have read since Trumps presidency was stolen Biden will destory this country and the far left will be right behind him laughing cheering and gloating in their victory if the yget that far, I can only hope that in 2024 goodness will prevail, personally I would and will again vote for Trumo if he runs are anyone that will stand tall and fight,instead of kneel down and give in like Cowards do.

    All this admonistrtion wants is ti take our rights, freedoms and give them to anyone and everyone but those the Americans that deserve them, we have to prove who we are just to medical, homes, vote, drivers license, insurance, government help like food benifits, bank accounts and even jobs and yet if we come into this land illegally we are given all of these thing without question.

    criminals get the benifit of the doubt , honest law abiding citizens have to oproof they deserve th ebenifit if the doubt, the left says law abiding gun carriers are now responsible for what ever a criminal does with a gun, how is it my fault when a criminal shoots someone, I did not do it thye did, but my rights are taken away.

    this administration seems to think that laws stop criminals, jsut like they think locks stop criminals, a lock only keeps and honest man out and a more laws only make honest men at fault for what bad people do. Punnish the rightoues for the actions of the unrightoues

    pardon the penmenship

    • Bob Prokop says

      You are absolutely right, Terry. Not only does this administration pander to criminals and illegal immigrants, it allows them to help Democrats force radical left policies by intimidating the American people with the constant threat of violence. We need a GOP with a spine and with the exception of a few voices we’re not seeing it yet.

      I’d vote for Trump again, too. He’s the first president willing to stand up for the people in a very long time.

      You are also right about who gets punished. After criminals have their way with America our incomes come next.

      Thanks so much for your insight and comments!


  22. Anon says

    It is refreshing & uplifting to see what I’m thinking and feeling put into words. The brainwashing & race divide that our leaders are pushing is sickening & hurtful. For the first time in my nearly 50 years of life I am feeling scared for my & my future generations security & safety. Those of us who truly love our country & remember & understand it’s greatness have to STICK TOGETHER & NOT BE SCARED TO SPEAK OUT!

    • Bob Prokop says

      Thanks so much for your comments. I couldn’t agree more. With Memorial Day just around the corner we need to stand up for the vision that so many died for because they believed that America’s future is worth it. Our best years don’t have to be behind us and you are absolutely right, it’s all about speaking out with one voice because that voice matters.

  23. Mark Latronica says

    I’am REALLY OUTRAGED what this president has done so far to RUIN this country.
    He and those of his thinking REALLY DO NOT GIVE A SHIT about the people. They DO care about having CONTROL/POWER however. Think about it: Those in those government positions, i.e., senator, president, vice president, etc., etc., WILL RETIRE with a GREAT GOVERNMENT PENSION, and I believe their HEALTH CARE plan STAYS WITH them too–and if not, it’s not TOO much different than what it was when they were employed. A SENATOR is HIRED at SIX FIGURES! Even after taxes–that’s still a sizeable income. And MOST people are aware that those who have the money, can invest in a good TAX official to find EVERY TAX SHELTER and or LOOP HOLE available.

    The FIRST thing this guy did when he was in offfice was to SHUT DOWN THE KEYSTONE PIPELINE! REPREHENSIBLE! And you had HORSES ASS up there (I beleive his name is John Kerry) talking about “…solar panel jobs..decent paying…”
    These people are SO THE HELL OUT OF TOUCH OR, they REALLY DON’T GIVE SHIT, for the REASONS I just stated above–about LEGAL AMERICAN CITIZENS. It’s really NOT complicated/ambiguous/mysterious.


    You have Mayorkas saying initially “There is no crisis”. “The border is closed” LOL! LOL! LOL! Oh, OK, so the videos we are SEEING of the ILLEGALS OVER-FLOWING those encampments, etc., that’s “just nothing…nothing to see here” eh? (I’m OBVIOUSLY being SARCASTIC here) ON TOP of their BULLSHIT, these people ACTUALLY have the AUDACITY to LIE to us. One of two things: They DON’T give a shit—which is REALLY LIKELY the REAL REASON–remember, when they LEAVE their government employ, they leave WELL TAKEN CARE OF FINANCIALLY–and HEALTH-CARE wise TO BOOT! Or, they REALLY thing the average American is too busy and or possibly stupid, to figure it out. I have a FLASH for their asses: A VAST MARJORITY–MYSELF included of course–ARE NOT–EVEN a LITTLE–OBLIVIOUS or STUPID!

    Remeber too, THOSE in office (and even when they leave their government employ) DON’T have to LIVE in the areas they DECIMATE–and they DON’T. They CAN AFFORD to LIVE in a NICE/NICER AREA—some with GATED communities, etc. While the middle to lower class have to PUT UP WITH THE SHIT THEIR SORRY ASSES SET IN MOTION!

    I SINCERELY HOPE and am BELIEVING the DEMOCRATS get thier ASSES HANDED TO THEM next time voting comes around.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Great remarks, Mark. Seems like Biden & Co. are banking on those who voted them in being so desperate to hear their radical fantasies confirmed that they’ll believe any lie the White House hands them. Climate change means no Keystone. We’re a nation of immigrants so criminal illegals deserve to live here. Anyone who stumbles into a polling place should be able to vote with no questions asked.

      You are absolutely right. With $174,000 taxpayer paid starting salaries members of Congress don’t have to live in the urban hellholes their policies create. Many, if not most are wealthy in their own right anyway and can hide in the gated communities you mention.

      They certainly deserve to be voted out and replaced with legislators who don’t hate America or believe that taxpayers exist to be plundered for Capitol Hill’s benefit. If Democrats are allowed to get away with this and keep their seats our nation is truly lost.

      Thanks for your thoughts!


    • Bob Prokop says


      If that means someone might rethink their support for this president and the destructive course he’s chosen, then I suppose being a propagandist is a good thing.

      Thanks for reading.


  24. Anonymous says

    That was absolutely beautiful, My mother is a U.S. History major so she teaches me what is right and wrong, and Joe Biden is definitely wrong. Everything your said is something that everyone should read. Biden may have cheated his way through the elections, but in 2024 we will realize we can’t have him and stand tall in truth.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Sounds like your mom taught you well! If we’re still around in 2024 – and at the rate Biden is taking down what makes America great where we will be in four years is up for grabs – we can only hope voters make the right decision and put a responsible leader in office.

      Thanks for your comments and kind words.


  25. April Andersen says

    ENUFF SAID!! Every American needs to read this article and face the cold brutal reality that the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION has destroyed our country in his first 100 days in office & now only hammering the final nails in our coffin. Hands down THE WORST PRESIDENCY in my lifetime. In the history on this country. WE THE PEOPLE are no more. We are divided now more than we ever were. The BIDEN ADMINISTRATION cares NOTHING ABOUT THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. He made that blantantly clear from his first day in office forward. He has put a serious hurt on US & it will be all about SURVIVAL from here. Taking away our freedoms. Endangering our lives with all he has done risking our local & national security. Raising taxes. Taking our jobs. Ludicrously disrespecting villifying & betraying our law enforcement officers & our military. Handing EVERYTHING to the immigrants at THE TAXPAYERS EXPENSE. HE SPENDS SPENDS SPENDS & it will lead to the collapse of our great nation. Its already happening. There will be no limit to the DESTRUCTION unfolding. Both Biden & Harris must be impeached. They are killing our economy. Thru their actions innocent people are dying all over the country. Our great country is shattering. We may never recover from what they have already done. Are continueing to do. It is very scary to watch all of this happening before our eyes. Do not think for one second that our allies & enemies do not see us now as anything but a TARGET with a extremely weak president who can be controlled. Terriorist Attack 101 is coming. They want to take away our protections that keep us safe? We will do what we.must do to keep ourselves & our families safe. It is DISCUSTING how they tear down & claim the Trump administration left the country in decay & ruin & how they have had to UNDO & clean up everything in the aftermath. THE BRUTAL TRUTH is TRUMP DID INCREDIBLE GREAT THINGS FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE & THIS COUNTRY. YET BIDEN BURNED IT DOWN IN HIS FIRST 24 HOURS IN OFFICE. WE THE PEOPLE KNOW THE TRUTH. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE THE ONES THAT MATTER. WE THE PEOPLE ARE WHO ARE IMPORTANT. OUR LIVES. OUR LIVELIHOOD. OUR FREEDOMS. JOE BIDEN has made it painstakenly clear THE IMMIGRANTS mean more than THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The hardworking taxpaying American people. MAKE NO MISTAKE…WE THE PEOPLE ARE ANGRY BECAUSE OF HOW WE ARE BEING TREATED & WHAT THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS GETTING AWAY WITH IT. AND WHY OUR UNITED STATES CONSTITUTION IS NOW NO MORE THAN A PIECE OF PAPER FULL OF EMPTY WORDS? WE THE PEOPLE MEAN ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. AND JUST FOR THE RECORD ALL LIVES MATTER. THERE ARE MILITARY SOLDIERS IN MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY THAT FEEL BETRAYED BY THE VERY COUNTRY THAT THEY SERVED. THESE ARE THE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO WERE WILLING TO DIE FOR YOU & FOR YOUR FREEDOM. AND FOR THEIRS. IT IS ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC THE DISRESPECT THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION IS SHOWING OUR MILITARY MEN & WOMEN AS WELL AS LAW ENFORCEMENT. The day Biden and Harris took office was the saddest day for our nation. We knew it was going to be bad. But THIS? INSANE. Our future looks extremely bleak. We have HOPE. That is ALL we have. With our lives, our security, our country, everything we once believed in is rapidly being destroyed. We will never be the same & our great United States Of America may never ever recover. People. Families. Businesses. Jobs. Still not recovered from the Pandemic. Admist all of this complete utter chaos. I guess we will have to grow wings & fly to our jobs because who can keep driving to work with the ridiculous price of fuel? Being the fuel is crap & burning at a rapid rate & have to keep fueling more than normal. Not to mention how taxes have gone up. Along with everything else. Biden sure has put the hurt on the American people. Your article was BRILLIANT!!
    Las Vegas, NV

    • Bob Prokop says

      Thanks very much, April. I couldn’t say it any better. We the people means something completely different when it comes from Biden and his party. We can only hope we make it to 2022 when we have a chance to start taking our power back so we can begin to repair the damage this administration is doing to our country.

  26. Bob Prokop says

    Thanks for your thoughts, Tim. I should add Biden’s escalating war of words with Russia while China goes scot-free. Democrats were eager to hang U.S. COVID deaths on Trump, but China? Crickets. You are exactly right about the U.S. We can give the president’s illegals credit for one thing: they have appreciation for American greatness sorely lacking in the people letting them in.

  27. Tim Hauber says

    Excellent article, this is exactly what is going on in Biden Administration. He is looting America, so many folks have paid the highest price for this “great” country. America is not racist, unless your the Democratic Party. America is not in distress or violent unless you live in a Democratic controlled city. The United States ?? of America is the best country on the planet earth. If the USA is such a awful place as the Democrats to be, then why are we the envy of the world? Why are people flooding the southern border to come to the ?? USA.

    • Brian says

      It seems like every day Biden Harris doing something new to destroy America. I can’t think of anything positive they have done

      • Anonymous says

        Unfortunately you are not exaggerating a bit. He isn’t worried about winning a second term either because chances are he won’t live through the 1st, hell his mind is losing gears already

        • Bob Prokop says

          If you’ve ever known someone with dementia it’s a sad, downward slope that’s written all over Biden’s public appearances. Really scares me to think about where his disintegration is headed, but you are absolutely right. 2024 is a long way off. In the meantime, if he fails completely were we better off with a president who says things that causes big problems, or a vice president who takes over and can’t put a coherent sentence together? Seems like we are going to find out.

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