1. J. Salcido G. says

    While it’s true that Pres. Trump has an offending personality to some people, he was a great leader for AMERICA. He truly is a “WE THE PEOPLE” president, so much that it angers the Leftist Democrat Communists who are out to crucify him….Since day one, they have not left him in peace. President TRUMP has to be “the most persecuted man in the world since JESUS CHRIST. And all he wants to do is restore AMERICA to its former glory and making her great again. We need to be praying for him daily…. Sorry ass democrats really are the Destroy America Party…

    • Bob Prokop says

      Exactly right. Trump put America and Americans first. Biden and his party are owned by radical activists who put themselves first and could care less about what it does to our country. It’s amazing how quickly they tore down what Trump accomplished and how difficult it will be to repair all the damage done. Unfortunately, we can’t bring back the lives lost from crime, fentanyl, and the other consequences of a Democrat-controlled nation.

  2. Lisa Kristin says

    Very well said about the horrors that the Biden Administration and his commie friends are unleashing on our great country of America. I believe that the powers that be, God, karma and humanity itself will dispose of the Biden administration. They are a horrific disgrace to America and their injustice cannot stand. Good people will take back America, the land that we love

  3. Gilbert Kukulski says

    Ok initially trump pushed for an investigation into Hillary Clinton an right wing media was OK with that but when the tables were turned after trump one the general election he impeded the the investigation into allegations of his possible wrong doing. Then again pushed for an investigation into hunter bidens. Please explain that one

    • Bob Prokop says

      I’m not sure which allegations you are referring to, Gilbert, but Russian collusion was a Clinton campaign hoax and the Ukraine phone call charges didn’t pan out, either. The Hunter Biden issue is completely different. There is alleged hard evidence on a laptop in the FBI’s possession that was covered up by the media before the 2020 Election. Worse, the president’s statement that he knew nothing about his son’s business dealings have proved false. That’s the difference.

  4. Mark Smith says

    We all need to follow God’s green great plan ,and keep fighting, stand up, stop ignoring, and start acting for what we all know is right

  5. Democrats don't care about you says

    The democrats showed their hands. When someone lies they know whatever they have done is wrong, shameful, insulting,, dishonest,, and would bring about feelings that are uncomfortable and definitely the brakes would have to be permanently engaged. Right? Furthermore when someone counters you with lies it is because whatever the subject and its unjust rewards are not yet expired and there is more juice to squeeze and so its intention is to postpone or redirect the truthseeker for today or forever. Most liars don’t get lucky and get off Scott-free. One way or another, depending on the scope and depth of the lie and it’s deception as well as how much betrayal one feels as a result, or damages it causes; will only recoil and stain the Liars.
    Unfortunately as we have all seen, the public have goldfish brains and memories.. This soviet bolshevikian Marxist selective censorship -almost a musical faux-court preceeding is a step off onto a branch too far. This entire occupation by the most ugly as they are evil- perfect form in their goosestep… Yet, this is beyond desperation and extreme, putting on a prime time concoction of cutting out the context and then making a “nancy pelosi face” out of a smorgasbord of materials inevitably making the opposition: a populous of a growing unified group of everyone who isn’t low iq, isn’t afraid of backlash and isn’t extreme and perverse.

    These people know they have done one atrocity, after another abuse and another over step.. Another bill sandwiched into a huge bill that goes unnoticed that takes away more and leaves more suffering. The lies about doing everything. The extreme push to accept pedophilia and bestiality. The outrage demonstrated because infanticide could be taken away. The ugly discrimination against anyone who pushes back or believes differently. The behavior installed and the incessant condescension and the general reaction to anyone not an oligarch treated like a moron or their problems of zero consequence.. They are stealing from us, lying to us, allowing the world to rape our resources-gobble up affordable housing, get 400k dollar checks to spend us out of started homes, baby formula for select doctors and hospitals and plenty for those that lower our wages, stunt and devolve our classrooms, bring their problems and their poverty.. They have no plan and no sponsor. Tangent sorry…
    Anyway if you really think about the special accommodations and the amount of money these politicians spent to make it so- all to cover their asses, create a distraction, try and manipulate the citizens by dishonest chop shopping of evidence, not allowing defendant testimonies, presenting evidence that would be thrown out for incalculable numbers of reasons, presenting this as a legitimate court trial to ignorant and inexperienced people, using rumor as evidence, cutting out testimony by witnesses, and other things; all to insure Trump can’t come back… when he is back, hopefully be just as effective and incensing people to be self reliant and have options and something to be proud of. This is not just hatred and fear of making their party and constituents suffer (lord knows conservatives are too kind and willing to make modifications to insure dual benefits) .. This is because they want us failing and poor and chained down from this planned demolition of everything innately American.

    If they have to do all of this, the equivalent of an information narrative atom bomb on us, then you know to what degree and depth of their evil. It is abundantly clear and easy to see the size and scope of what it is they are all hiding. The absolute desperation and scrambling, even hiring a producer that is tied to helping cover up epsteins pedophilia problem… this should tell you everything. They aren’t ready to let go, but they are losing major grip and they aren’t apologetic and they are better than us filthy and unwashed people so they owe us no action or integrity.. they are disengenuous and they f***** up something huge and they can’t be found out. People are steadily evacuating these people and their disgusting parasitic and evil party. There isn’t a sand grain of humility in them and they refuse to show any soul and let us see what it is that they messed up and show remorse. Nope let’s spend hundreds of billions of dollars to cover up the lie we tell with more lies while degrading, denying, exaggerating and ignoring the lives lost by actions, deliberate jerrymandering and their choices- raping and diminishing the deaths of patriotic Americqns their relevancy and importance of their memory..

    When we find out what these distractions are for and the reasons why and how they benefitted and the people behind it… There is going to be hell to pay.

    I hope we can make communism Marxism and maoism a terrorist political ideology, and that we can source the 700 million dead as a result, and how it leaves misery and death in its wake. This also has been over a relatively short period of time to have such a high body count.. that’s every United States citizen dying, twice.

    I don’t know what financial bracket it will take to be decimated for people to stand up and demand these people out of there- off to the gallows…

    These people stole grandma and grandpas life’s work and golden years.. taking their ability to fulfill their dream while they still have their wits and health. That is absolutely cruel and evil.

    Starving infants because nobody cares about babies unless they are aborted partially and harvested for vaccinations, now legal food products we consume (thanks obama), adrenachrome, devil worship, or horrifying experiments that Penn state and the niaid and nih are unlawfully qnd unethical doing (grafting body parts on rats), or medical cruelty..

    No matter what these democrats are involved in it is somehow raught with some ulterior and inevitable evil. It’s masked with good intentions and humane and dignified causes and then yoy find out it is a campaign used to bankrupt or acquire through. It’s disgusting. Kind of like the impossible meat.bill gates and Zuckerberg are ruining the meat industry in order to buy land, devastate small and medium farms, and force people to eat their disgusting plasti-petre meat.

    F*** these people they need mulched feet first into the sun.

    • Bob Prokop says

      Thanks for your remarks! One sentence perfectly sums up where Biden and the Democrats have delivered the American people:

      “This is because they want us failing and poor and chained down from this planned demolition of everything innately American.”

      Desperate people will accept whatever they are offered. When people can’t afford to leave their homes to work, find empty shelves at the grocery store, and are left sweating in the summer heat because of rolling blackouts, they will accept any relief the government offers because they don’t have a choice. Nothing that is hurting us is by accident.

      • PJ says

        I agree their progressive, socialist/communist ideology is driven by their destructive tactics to deconstruct everything this country is founded on and that they are succeeding with executive orders and policies that are destroying the US (open borders, anti-law and order, killing the economy, allowing China to buy all the farm land, etc.). But in the long run, with their goal for the majority of Americans and the millions of illegal immigrants being driven in to poverty and dependent on the government as the president along with those in power create a caste system and one party state, what is their plan for funding their socialist/communist regime? How is it they can get away with so easily violating the Constitution and laws of the land?

        • Bob Prokop says

          That’s a great question, PJ. They have to be smart enough to not completely destroy the economy so there is still enough of a tax base to fund their socialist handouts. Democrats don’t seem to worry about debt or the long-range consequences of what they are doing, so this doesn’t seem to be something that concerns them yet. If you took a survey and asked them how the government is funded, I wonder what their answers would be?

          I suppose if you are in power and have every federal agency under your control you can do whatever you want, especially when your opposition doesn’t have the spine for the kind of all-out partisan warfare and massive propaganda campaigns that Democrats are so good at. When an institution, policy, or person offends them, they destroy it. Even the Supreme Court is a target and the Constitution was throw on the trash heap long ago.

    • Matthew Vanartsdalen says

      You Sir are SPECIAL! One of Gods Finest this to be true. I feel a renewd respect for all that is true thanks to your prophetic and the exactly correct words you have written down. I especially like the ending “” F*** these people they need mulched feet first into the sun”” ! God Bless!

  6. Stephen says

    What is the endgame? This was all done on purpose. Nuclear annihilation? Does the Left want to decimate the planet and start from scratch? Are humans bad for the planet? Or just break America, reduce it to a large Cuba or some imagined utopia? Is it some kind of retribution for the “evils” of Christianity and Western Civilization? There is something so very evil, so pernicious about this. Does history have a precedent? I’ve just found this site and you are thinking like me. Help me out please!

    • Bob Prokop says

      That’s a perplexing question, Stephen. If the left is sincere about climate change a nuclear war isn’t going to solve their problem, but it seems that’s the direction the administration has chosen even if Biden doesn’t realize it.

      As you point out, it seems the endgame really is to break our country socially, morally, and economically. As long as Democrats stay entrenched in power – and I don’t believe the midterms are secure or a slam dunk by any means – the damage won’t impact them. They will get richer and more powerful while the American people’s lives are decimated. After a time the people will thank the government for anything it permits, anything it offers, anything it lets us keep for ourselves. If history has a precedent, it’s every country that decided a socialist economy and authoritarian government was a good idea.

      Appreciate your remarks. As this plays out let me know what you’re thinking!

      • Cal says

        Biden is evil here is the antichrist along with the left he is destroying the best country on earth he must be stopped now

        • Michael Rausch says

          Amen to what you said. God Bless all who know the truth! Biden is the racist and the evil one. Everything Biden calls Republicans is what the Democrats really are. They hate everyone and anyone who disagrees with them. Why do they fear Trump, he speaks the truth and Democrats hate truth. God help us all get out from under the tyranny of Biden.

          • Bob Prokop says

            Hate seems to be the Democrat Party’s buzzword for the 2022 midterms, doesn’t it? It’s all Biden and the Democrats talk about and they spread it around every chance they get.

    • Darin says

      The Biden Administration is a War on America !!
      The current Democratic Party is a War on America !
      This is the way they came up to defeat this great country.
      This Clinton – Obama – Biden , sick and mental
      Democratic Administrationn is trying to end the USA !! On purpose !! They all sold out long ago. China is the main problem in paying all the above traitors.
      They are all so corrupt or mentally ill !! It’s sad
      This bullshit won’t last too much longer, because All Americans of all colors and race ; will and are standing up to stop it.
      Democratics today aren’t even human !!
      They are mostly blind sheep.

    • Cindy Taylor says

      Talk, talk talk. All you and Fox News do is talk. One of the great things Donald Trump said to the destroyer of California was “What climate change?” Climate change is a crock and everyone knows it. Keep talking and we’ll get nowhere.

    • America says

      Anyone who can put on a pair of shoes can see he’s a soulless thief, taking our children to destroy their futures while he sniffs his neighbors hair at that kitchen table that socialist 24/7 dinner party that him pelosi and shummer come to every day, include the great brain child few rhino republicans like skeletons in the closet Chaney and that baby pouty faced guy who cries everytime they speak to him. Im an American, a vet, and i love the planet, and respect others. I am the populous, we out number anyone who wants to bring our eagle down, do not tred on me.

      • J says

        Is hair sniffing so much worse than p*** grabbing and literally acting retarded?

        Why does your vet status help you? You know the only children the government steals are the one’s who think it’s smart to join the military. Maybe that’s why you f****** are so broke: a math text book would have done more use than your ample rifle collection.

  7. Jamie N says

    Very well written! With my son fighting for OUR country right now, I have ZERO respect for Biden or Harris. How he was POSSIBLY elected is impossible! (and I used to be a Democrat…or so I thought..Until I educated myself and stopped listening to the mainstream media)

    • Bob Prokop says

      Jamie, if the best Biden and Harris get from Americans is no respect we’re being kind. I’ll also admit to voting for Democrats years ago. Then I grew up and realized how much putting the wrong – and in this case outright bad – people in office costs us. Thanks for your thoughts and best wishes to you and your son.

    • Linda banks says

      I thank your son for his service! I will not apologize for being white! The media will not report when a black person is causing violence! Let’s talk about the facts…I too was upset when I saw what happened to Georege Floyd but he was no saint…take a look at his rap sheet…he robbed a pregnant @ gun point & held her captive but the media doesn’t talk about that…they have made him a martyr he was not…this guy was in & out of jail!@

      • MEV says

        He was also passing a phony $20.00 to an 18 year old who’s boss was going to take it out of his pay. When the kid asked Floyd to take care of it, Floyd blew him off. The store owner came out, Floyd blew him off so he called the cops. Floyd was under the influence and nodding off in the car too. Chauvin et al. blew it and Floyd’s passengers should have been more honest about him just eating Fentanyl pills.

  8. Sherri says

    Even during Obama’s reign of idiocy I never found myself this scared for the future of America. I often breakdown in tears over the massive destruction perpetrated by Biden and the left. The left MUST BE STOPPED! Our very lives depend on it!

    • Bob Prokop says

      You are absolutely right, Sherri. Biden’s domestic policy disasters were bad enough, but now we have to worry about nuclear war for the first time in how many decades? We went from strong leadership to no leadership. Biden’s threats are hollow and meaningless and our adversaries know it. God only knows what he’ll come up with in Europe this week. With any luck no one at the meeting will be able to understand what he says because whatever it is, it won’t further America’s interests.

  9. John says

    Fire joe biden and Harris now. Get rid of pelosi and Schumer and nadler also.While we at it oust AOC and the rest of the radicals that wormed their way into the system by crooked means.America needs people who care about America not their own pockets.

    • Bob Prokop says

      John, it’s amazing that such a great nation tapped these hacks for our highest offices (let’s add Kamala “passage of time” Harris to the list). Now that we’re faced with three rogue states and the prospect of nuclear apocalypse because of dangerously weak, incompetent American leadership from the top down perhaps people will wake up and pay more attention to the left’s lies.

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