Illinois Liberal Politics Won’t Stop Chicago Shootings

July 27, 2014

Liberal politics in Illinois did not prevent Obama’s hometown from becoming a slaughterhouse any more than spending for neighborhood projects and community initiatives has stopped Chicago shootings. After the city celebrated Independence Day weekend with over 80 shootings, the summer has settled into a comfortable pattern of daily news of more shootings to the accompaniment of tiresome calls to end gun violence and take back the city’s worst neighborhoods. How does impotent, spendthrift Illinois liberal politics respond?

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Equity in Education is Not What School Taxes Pay For

July 24, 2014

The Department of Education is giving its all to turn the failure to achieve equity in education into a civil rights problem. Tossing the race card on the table was a shamelessly transparent follow-up to the release of civil rights data on inequality in school discipline (see: Universal Preschool: Civil Rights and Race, or Bad Kids?). Now we have the new Excellent Educators for All Initiative, which doesn’t mean what it sounds like. For all means poor and minority students. Why? Because time is running out for Obama’s Year of Action.

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Fighting Immigration Terror and Our Government

July 20, 2014

When will we find the courage to call illegal immigration backed by political demands to comply with politicians’ views on who should live in our country immigration terror? We are being assaulted on two fronts. The first comes from illegals assailing the border so they can join an untold number already living in the U.S. The other perpetrators of immigration terror work in Washington. They have been lying about efforts to control the situation for so long that it can no longer be controlled (see: Lies About the Border Reveal Obama’s Policy of Deceit).

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American Political System Saves Us from Idiot Politicians

July 17, 2014

Do you think that the American political system isn’t working because Congress is broken, our parties reduced to hopelessly butting heads with no progress in sight? You are wrong. A do-nothing legislature may not be quite what our government’s creators intended, but the American political system works. It saves us from idiot politicians who would ruin us if we gave them half a chance.

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Nationalism Comes From Patriots, Not Liberal Traitors

July 13, 2014

Do you get tired of hearing what a great country we have when the words are coming from someone intent on undermining everything America stands for? Our current crop of liberal traitors does not understand nationalism. Patriots do.

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Lies About the Border Reveal Obama’s Policy of Deceit

July 10, 2014

How angry should we be over the lies about the border that the Obama administration sold to the public? It was easy to swallow the half-truths and outright fabrications that summed up border policy until the administration got caught with its pants down by a bunch of illegal kids. Now Washington has to act because the president has a PR disaster on his hands that is exploding out of control. Did the White House and Homeland Security think we forgot what they had told us about stopping illegal border crossings before the problem made the president look bad?

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Angry Americans Can Create Real Change

July 6, 2014

If you want to see how angry Americans create change, have a look at what’s happening in Murrieta, California. California may be the only state less likely than Barack Obama’s home state of Illinois to sprout grass roots protests against his immigration abuses. Now we know that even liberal California has a boiling point when people are pushed too far. Barack Obama has done a lot of pushing. Will more angry Americans decide to push back?

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