Cities and States That Should Adopt Obama’s Ideas First

After we are betrayed on Capitol Hill, or when the Obama amnesty order comes down from the Oval Office, sanctuary cities should be the first to enjoy the economic boom promised by immigration reform advocates. It only seems fair, given that sanctuary cities and states have gone out of their way to be safe, nurturing havens for illegal immigrants.

How will we deal with resentment against legal illegals?

Immigration reform is being sold as an economic necessity and even a means of creating jobs and increasing the GDP.¹ Amnesty is going to create a whole lot of something else, too. Resentment. How will we deal with the outcry against illegals turned into work permit-carrying legals when Americans looking for work figure out how badly they were double crossed by their government?

Any Obama amnesty plan will put “cracking down on employers”² well ahead of verifying the identities of illegal immigrants. The president must know that background checks are a fool’s errand and that for an amnesty proposal to work we are going to have to turn a blind eye to past bad behavior. Lawmakers claim that any bill they pass will ensure that Americans are hired first. If we believe the party line about unscrupulous employers taking advantage of illegal immigrants, then we have to assume they are devious enough to find a way around the law so they can hire legalized illegals for less money.

Of course, business owners might not be as unscrupulous as the White House would like us to believe. With so many Americans still out of work, how will our new faux citizens find jobs if things go as promised and they end up at the back of the employment line? Perhaps they need special places to live.

Sanctuary cities and states deserve Obama amnesty first.

Should we be surprised that states like California and Illinois with sanctuary cities harboring illegal immigrants also have a tendency to be broke? Can we extrapolate this to a habit of making bad public policy decisions in general (see: Contenders for Worst State Show Where Obama Tax Plan is Headed)?

Amnesty backers would probably throw in on expanding the concept of sanctuary cities to include entire states, especially those in thrall to illegal immigrants. Federal sanctuary states could be established by presidential proclamation to test drive whatever immigration reform mess Washington finally forces us to accept.  When we pass out the work permits we can assign sanctuaries to live in, just like we send released prison inmates to halfway houses.

Illegal immigrants will no longer need to hide. Federal sanctuary states will want to make sure their newly legalized residents take full advantage of taxpayer supported education and public services, including help with their job searches. Once the background checks are done many will probably lose their current jobs because of problems with their identities and will need all the help and support they can get. We don’t want them to join the 7.9% of our citizens who need work. Taxpayers in states with sanctuary cities should be good with this. They elected the idiots who provided the incentives that helped illegal immigrants thrive here.

We shouldn’t limit the fun to states with sanctuary cities. States with members of Congress backing an immigration amnesty proposal should benefit before states with lawmakers who oppose immigration reform. Arizona and South Carolina might balk, but John McCain and Lindsey Graham talk fast and should be able to convince state residents that Obama-style amnesty is in their best interest. Arizona will have to do a legislative rewrite because of SB 1070, and South Carolina will need to tinker with its statutes, too, but the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court did a pretty good job of gutting state enforcement efforts, so it shouldn’t be too large of a task.

Mr. President, could you at least call it an immigration pardon?

Comprehensive immigration reform sounds appropriately urgent and politic, but those of us who know better will call it what it is: Obama amnesty. The president is good at seeking common ground and is a master at selling bad ideas to gullible people. Perhaps he can throw conservatives a bone and call what he is demanding a pardon, just to give a feeble nod to the idea that illegal immigrants, not America and Americans, are the real offenders.




  1. Civil Candor says

    Can’t imagine? The Democratic Party is thinking of longevity. Difficult to say what ordinary citizens are thinking. Obviously not much, if they support rewarding illegals for abusing our tax dollars and bilking our country for their own gain.

  2. Henry says

    I can’t imagine what Obama and those favoring amnesty for illegals are thinking. We have 7.9% umemployment and they want to set it up so the illegals can have all the advantages of our citizens and at our taxpayers expense. Just whose side is Obama etc. on. Certainly not our hard working or unemployed. The government is doing everything possible to destroy them in favor of the illegals who broke our laws coming here and are a drain on our economy. Heaven help the citizens of this nation, who have been pushed aside in favor of law breaking illegals.

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