Occupy Depends on Wall Street for Rights, Justice, and Jobs

Occupy Chicago is looking for a few good floors. The Occupy Wall Street spinoff has been waiting for the angry masses to arrive for the upcoming NATO Summit and needs places for protesters to camp. Windy City airwaves have been carrying sound bites of Occupy organizers asking for donations of space in church basements, warehouses, and back yards. They have assured the charitable that those demanding rights, equality, and justice without the funds for a hotel room will behave themselves.

Occupy Wall Street preaches that 1% of the population feeds off of the other 99%. Acolytes are not going to find jobs to place them in the upper tiers of the 99%, much less the 1% while they travel by bus to camp in backyards and warehouses owned by those who hold jobs and run businesses to support themselves and others (see: Democrats Will Ensure Deceived Protesters Remain Jobless). Working is important. Even after the revolution most of us will want to be able to afford to sleep out of the rain.

Occupy’s vision for economic equality is an America where banks and businesses no longer dominate. Who will have the money to pay for charity, and who will make sure we can afford to run a country that provides rights, equality, justice, and jobs? Occupy adopted the Tea Party’s Take Back America slogan to considerably less point and purpose. It also adopted Obama administration propaganda about banks and corporations being the downfall of our society, endorsing the president’s anti-capitalism in a semi-coherent petition to the White House:

These men and women are trying to send a message to their fellow Americans and to the world- the big banks and the super-rich, who is “buying out congress”, are the primary drivers of the ongoing recession.¹

The fact that both political parties are continually looking for deep pockets to fund election wars does not dissuade eager to please politicians from taking up Occupy Wall Street’s cause. Is economic justice by anarchy founded on mindless sloganeering something members of Congress believe they should endorse? New Jersey Democratic Congressman Rush Holt linked Occupy Wall Street to the American Dream:

You have often heard me say that the American Dream belongs to all of us. Occupy Wall Street has, over the past month, gained the support of hundreds of thousands of Americans who seem to be saying the same thing.²

Senator Bernie Sanders also took up the call:

Protesters marched on Wall Street again on Friday. Sen. Bernie Sanders praised the protests now in their fourth week. In Vermont, demonstrations are planned in four cities this weekend. “The situation has reached a boiling point because the economy is in such bad shape,” Sanders said.³

Massachusetts Congressman John Tierney implied that Occupy Wall Street’s agenda is consistent with government spending and American democracy:

They are demonstrating in opposition to corporate greed and tax loopholes; they are demanding that government support education, infrastructure, and jobs; and they are unifying behind efforts to strengthen our democracy.4

Deflecting anger by blaming others is easy. The president has done more than his fair share of fanning the flames, repeatedly telling Americans that fairness has gone by the wayside and that a fair shot for the middle class is a thing of the past. Like Occupy agitators, Democrats in Congress disavow responsibility for the state of the economy. They denigrate the sources of wealth that ensure Americans enjoy the rights, justice, and equality we take for granted. No connection is drawn between American wealth and the billions we spend ensuring basic human rights for citizens of other countries, something we can do only because our economy has viable business and financial sectors.

Americans have never been much for giving away something of value for nothing. The only thing that hurts more is being ridiculed for doing it. The Occupy movement demands social and economic justice, equality, rights, fairness, and jobs without the slightest nod to where these things come from. Americans are right to be offended at politicians and Occupy movement agitators who insist that we redistribute the fruits of our society to those who would happily tear it apart. An already destitute Chicago will be spending tax money to ensure that protesters can exercise their right to demand we do exactly that.




  1. Jeff says

    It is quite clear why Obama wants these voters (bums) to act out their protests because they distract from the disaster that he is creating by his divide and conquer policies.
    A good shower, clean shaven, well kept hair, clean clothes and a willingness to do good work would go a long way in helping these occupiers become citizens who cared about our country. Obama wants their vote and they are too stupid to realize their real potential as productive workers who care about themselves and others.
    If they would only realize that the (1% ers) did the above to get where they are now, then they could do the same instead of looking for a handout from Obama.

  2. Dick says

    Those in the Occupy Wall Street movement want Rights, Equality, Justice, and Jobs and they blame banks, businesses and people who have worked hard and been successful as the reason they don’t have these Rights, Equality, Justice, and Jobs. As I look at the Occupy protestors I have to ask, why aren’t they spending this time cleaning themselves up so an employer would want to hire them. Frankly most of them appear to be lacking in what any employer would want in an employee. I question whether they really do want a job but would rather have the Obama plan of redistribution of wealth take care of them so they don’t have to work. This way they can continue a lifestyle of protesting and live the life of a bum.

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