Illegal Immigrants Were Waiting For a Year Like This

Did you spend the holidays trying to remember what was good about 2012, perhaps worrying what our elected half-wits will cook up to hurt us in 2013? Then you are probably an American citizen who pays your taxes and hopes for the best. If you suspect that Washington doesn’t give a damn about you because one party or the other already has your vote, you are correct.

On the other hand, if 2013 looks rife with undeserved opportunity you are probably one of America’s lucky illegal immigrants, ever hopeful that politicians who disregard our citizens will do more stupid things in the coming year.

Obama’s deferred action (DACA) order: the best thing that ever happened to illegal immigrants in America.

DACA is the boldest effort to date by a president eager to ingratiate himself with illegal immigrants. The White House effortlessly passed the order leading to DACA, some bright bureaucratic bulb doubtless calculating that Congress would get in the way of amnesty for illegals. An executive order fit the ticket. We also got a propaganda campaign designed to convince us that deferred action was not amnesty in disguise:

Now, let’s be clear — this is not amnesty, this is not immunity.  This is not a path to citizenship.  It’s not a permanent fix. This is a temporary stopgap measure that lets us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.¹ 

When it comes from a politician, denial is always a red flag. Is the president suggesting he will reverse the policy when the two-year immunity period expires?

The penultimate immigration gift, DACA will test the waters for a much broader grant of amnesty for illegals. What was most offensive about implementing the deferred action policy is how the Federal Government justified skirting immigration laws in the name of doing the right thing after having sued states circumventing those same laws while trying to protect our citizens.

Driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants accompany work permits.

Washington and New Mexico were the first states to hand driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants. Utah issued driver’s permits. Then California passed a law allowing illegals with work permits to drive. Nevada hopped on the bandwagon and Illinois is preparing to follow suit with a measure that will no doubt pass the Democratic legislature in 2013. The question will be whether Illinois’ biggest problem with issuing driver’s licenses will be illegals driving with no insurance or with phony identities.

Illegals get college financial aid paid for with public money.

The Illinois Dream Act was a gateway financial aid bill for illegals using private money that was bested by California’s plans to help finance their education with public money. Both states have already shafted non-resident citizens by handing out subsidized tuition breaks, but California is the clear winner when it comes to unjustified entitlement. The taxpayer-supported financial aid provisions of the California Dream Act will kick in in 2013. With DACA giving illegals the appearance of legitimacy, look for more states to spend public money on college for non-citizens.

Did illegal immigrants vote for president?

Despite rumor mill claims about the impact of illegal immigrants voting, illegals did not stampede polling places to make sure their president stayed in the White House. Just to make sure that those inclined to take a chance were not deterred from voting, Democrats and the Department of Justice got the word out that state voter ID laws violated civil rights. Either way, whether or not illegal immigrants vote was a moot point. DACA had already handed them the greatest gift a politician could give without consent of Congress well before the November presidential election.

Supreme Court thumbs its nose at state immigration enforcement.

Our president got the word out about deferred action in anticipation of the Supreme Court decision on immigration enforcement in Arizona, but in the end he could have waited. SB 1070 was castrated by our highest court, leaving a shell of a bill with no enforcement provisions. In retrospect, the justices could have ignored the issue entirely. Even if states were allowed to hold residents suspected of immigration violations, Washington had already announced as part of its prosecutorial discretion policy that it would leave them alone.

Not a citizen? Not supposed to be in the U.S.? 2013 should be a good year.

Call it deferred action, a break for childhood arrivals, or short-term amnesty for illegals, DACA is in full swing and opens the door to all manner of empowering state and federal initiatives in 2013.

States planning to issue driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants just dodged a new problem. An ID verification bill Congress passed years ago stands to embarrass them while they weather the fiscal cliff fallout from 2011’s Budget Control Act. On Friday: will we ever know if that ID is real?




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