Government Sells Failure With Lies and Blame

Will we be tricked into blaming Edward Snowden when we should be mad at Washington? A massive domestic spying program that taxpayers funded and didn’t know much about is awkward to explain in this era of transparency and cries out for Washington to play the blame game. If the subterfuge works we will end up forgetting about our government’s failure to keep us in the loop on its snooping and will only remember the larger than life perpetrator.

Is failure government’s biggest selling point?

Washington sells failure. If the bills Congress passes did what we were told they would do, being a legislator would not mean living on the public dole fixing problems taxpayers already paid to have fixed.

Failure is never government’s fault. That’s why politicians play the blame game when things go bad. Selling failure is easy as long as you aren’t the one responsible.

Popular government lies.

Some government lies have become popular because of the recession. Creating jobs and growing the economy excuse just about anything, from excessive regulation to wanton spending. There are also partisan lies (see: These Words Will Help You Spread Lies Like a Liberal) and credit-taking for payoffs many years in the future. Here are some examples of flagrant Washington lies and blame-placing that sell failure solely to deceive us.

Government doesn’t spend too much. The wealthy don’t pay enough in taxes.

The immigration problem is not because of our government’s failure to enforce the law. Blame our broken system.

The bad economy isn’t changing our ability to afford credit. Credit cards and loans on everything from college to homes have unfair terms that take advantage of the middle class.

Anti-business regulations don’t kill jobs. We need to spend more to create the jobs of the 21st century.

Pension costs are not straining state and local budgets. Public employees need to be rewarded for the services they provide.

The problem is not that the government spies on Americans. Edward Snowden was engaging in espionage so extreme that he might get the death penalty.

Border security is too difficult and expensive. A secure border is affordable if we trade it to Republicans for amnesty.

The sequester is dangerous and destructive and kills jobs. We need more tax revenue to make spending affordable.

Vote fraud doesn’t exist. We must protect civil rights.

Violent extremism has nothing to do with Islam. America must prove to the world that we are wrong in how we relate to the Muslim world.

Green energy has not been a scandal-ridden, too-expensive failure. Coal is evil.

Democrats protect the middle class and will make sure their taxes don’t go up. The payroll tax hike doesn’t count.

Americans agree with bad federal policies. We need to hear more propaganda and government lies so we submit to Washington’s will.


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