Federal Bureaucracy Leads Attack on Conservatives

What’s so special about the IRS? Other agencies of our federal bureaucracy have done at least as much damage as they carry out Democratic Washington’s ongoing attack on conservatives.

Barack Obama’s Cabinet has done its part to influence bad policy decisions (see: Cabinet Members Should Be Held Accountable). First term members went out of their way to stop conservative Americans dead in their tracks. We have every reason to believe the second term lineup will continue the tradition.

Our federal bureaucracy is massive and too many agency heads are intent on serving our president’s every whim. Are they taking Washington’s current anti-conservative bias too far?

Department of Justice tosses states’ rights on the trash heap.

Eric Holder has been on the hot seat before and his pants are on fire now. Long before DOJ snooping came to light the full weight of Holder’s department outraged conservatives by doing damage to states’ rights in areas ranging from stopping illegal voting to protecting citizens from illegal immigrants.

Department of Education swings left.

Barack Obama brought Arne Duncan and Chicago’s school system to Washington. There is not much believable substance behind what we hear from Duncan’s bully pulpit. Our education secretary manages to link every White House policy initiative to spending more on schools and public employees. The anti-conservative message is spend a lot and spend often, overpay teachers, grow the public sector, and at all costs make sure we collaborate with unions every step of the way.

Labor Department puts unemployed Americans second.

Under Hilda Solis America was a scary place for businesses. After four years of listening to her advocate for workers from south of the border while rattling the saber of federal regulation and fines at business owners we are waiting to hear on Thomas Perez. Only time will tell . . .

Homeland Security makes speeches for Obama.

Best to let Janet Napolitano’s words paint the picture:

“This administration has focused on enforcing our immigration laws in a smart, effective manner that prioritizes public safety and national security and holds employers accountable who knowingly and repeatedly break the law,” said Secretary Napolitano.¹

That’s a lot of administration buzzwords in one sentence. If Secretary Napolitano took some time out from making campaign speeches for the White House and helping the Labor Department threaten businesses, perhaps she could help address some of her department’s shortcomings (see: We Don’t Believe in Border Security).

Health and Human Services builds an empire.

The billions wasted administering our health care entitlements earned HHS the right to get its hands on one of the largest big government boondoggles in our history. Obamacare typifies everything wrong with our federal bureaucracy. The health care scheme is on track to be an unprecedented disaster with provisions that typify the Democratic attack on conservatives. If I was Kathleen Sebelius, instead of waiting for this tragedy to unfold I would start looking for a job.

State Department throws America under the bus.

Nothing broadcasts Washington’s anti-conservative message better than apologizing for our country. How did murdered Americans justify forcing taxpayers to fund an apologetic TV spot in the same country that harbored bin Laden? Whatever happened in Benghazi, rest assured that there is still plenty of anti-American apologizing to be done to parts of the world where we are very unpopular, like Pakistan.

Internal Revenue Service mounts attack on conservatives and spends our money.

The IRS attack on conservative groups was a fitting segue to news of how the agency uses our tax dollars. The GSA beat the IRS to the punch with taxpayer-paid hijinks in Las Vegas, a slap in the face to fiscal conservatives watching our economy suffer at the hands of Democrats. If the IRS has enough time on its hands for political harassment and whooping it up on the taxpayer dime, it might set a little aside to work down its $385 billion tax gap.



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