Democrats Spread Fear Over Alabama Immigration Law

Democratic pandering to ethnicity is offensive. Reverse racism is very much in vogue with Democrats and Obama administration officials who have gone all out to court the Latino vote. In a recent trip to Texas, Education Secretary Arne Duncan recited a favorite White House slogan that reeks of ethnic favoritism (see: Are High Unemployment and Ethnic Favoritism a Good Mix?):

America’s economic success is inextricably linked with the success of the Hispanic community,” Secretary Duncan said last week in San Antonio.¹

How do Democrats justify favoring a single group because of their ethnicity, advocating selective law enforcement to protect members of that group who are here illegally while recession-damaged citizens are wanting? They tell stories that always have the same ending: if we do not give a pass to everyone who crosses our borders demanding what Americans work and pay taxes for, our economy will suffer.

Supporters of illegal aliens are spreading fear as they seek to undermine state laws to reduce the illegal population. Arizona’s law has faded into the background and Alabama’s HB 56 is being targeted by pervasively hostile press. The Alabama law has also come under fire by Democrats in Congress and our Secretary of Labor, Hilda Solis, who has never been shy about her support for illegal immigrants. She made the following remarks lamenting the departure of legal immigrants from an Alabama town because of HB 56:

This fight is about more than immigration policy; it’s about Alabama’s economic future. Mayor Day talks about the many hard-working legal immigrants in his town who left the state out of fear.²

The courts are doing their part to destroy HB 56 one provision at a time. Most of us would not quit our jobs and run away when asked to prove who we are. Is the status of immigrants fleeing Alabama not as legal as their supporters would like us to believe, or is the exodus being helped along by Democrats instilling fear in the immigrant community?

Last November Congressman Luis Gutierrez dug deep into Alabama’s past as he talked of violence:

The fear and chaos in a small, not very well established Latino and immigrant community has run deeper.  The feeling of danger and despair is palpable, perhaps owing to Alabama’s history of dogs and water cannons and bombings and worse.³

Secretary Solis did her part by bringing up the threat of prison time for illegals:

This April, Alabama legislators voted to make it a felony punishable by 1 to 10 years in prison for any undocumented immigrant living in the state to enter into a “business transaction.” That means signing a lease for an apartment or paying a utility bill.

Imprisoning those who seek shelter and basic sustenance runs counter to the universal rights of all free people. It’s beneath the dignity of this great nation.4

Illegal aliens are not the only ones hearing threats from Democrats. Those in favor of measures like HB 56 and who oppose an all-forgiving immigration bill are being warned of the consequences. Texas Congressman Silvestre Reyes suggested that we need immigration reform to staunch the flow of terrorists:

During these times, when terrorists and radical groups are looking at ways to infiltrate our country and harm us, we as a nation should be looking at ways to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill that will boost our economy and make our country a safer one.5  

California Congresswoman Grace Napolitano spoke of economic crisis caused by HB 56:

“Alabama’s immigration policy has been an economic disaster,” Napolitano said. “Workers are leaving the state, agricultural crops are dying in the fields, and the local economy is losing millions of dollars.6

Perhaps remembering why citizens pay her a salary, Secretary Solis used the plight of Alabama immigrants as an excuse to stump for the jobless:

I marched this week because families across this state are hurting right now, and it’s in our power to help them. The gap between the haves and the have-nots has been growing wider for way too long. The American people don’t have the luxury of waiting for the next election for Congress to act on job-creating measures the President has proposed. They need jobs now.7

Figures from Solis’ Labor Department show that if you live in Alabama you have a better chance of being employed than in many other states. Alabama enjoyed a significant drop in unemployment last year, and now has a jobless rate of 7.8%,8 better than the national average and much better than states like Harry Reid’s Nevada (12.7%), Napolitano’s California, (10.9%) and Gutierrez’ Illinois (9.4%).

Alabama could also benefit from the departure of illegals because, according to ICE, they cause lots of problems most Americans can do without:

Illegal aliens often turn to criminal activity: including document fraud, Social Security fraud or identify theft, in order to get jobs. Such crimes adversely affect the lives of U.S. citizens and legal immigrants, and it can take years for victims to repair the damage. Furthermore, the demand for fraudulent documents created by illegal aliens creates thriving criminal enterprises that supply them.9

Social Security fraud and identity theft? Just how sure is Secretary Solis that all those hard-working immigrants that fled Alabama really were legal?




  1. Civil Bob says

    I have never seen any government estimates of how many illegals are here under fraudulent identities, or how many vote in elections. Probably not a figure that would sit well with most of us. Considering the millions who have to support themselves and their families we can probably assume the number is staggering. If the Dems ever shove an immigration bill down our throats, I wonder how many illegals with false identities will bother to step forward. Why should they?

  2. Tomtom says

    Your indication of the illegals being criminals through their making of fraudulent documents is probably how the Pres. got his birth certificate, social security card and his selective service registration papers. The Drudge report has even picked up on the Arizona sheriff’s posse report on their findings of fraud in these documents. There is a phrase that fits this issue and that is – Dead wood will always rise to the surface sooner or later – maybe we’re seeing that happen.

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